The Story

The Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone grew out of a series of events and conversations, primarily seCatalyst ( Together, seven partners applied to McConnell Foundation to advance social innovation on Vancouver Island through research, mapping, consultation and a strategic planning process.

VISIZ imagines our Island as a place where social innovation thrives; where individuals, organizations and communities work together to create opportunities to try new ideas and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face. Bounded by water, Vancouver Island offers a distinct opportunity to be a living and learning laboratory for social innovation, social enterprise and social finance.

Early on, a decision was made to not focus on select social issues but rather on the infrastructure to support collaboration, connection and enterprising solutions. There are tremendous assets to build from, including systems that can help form the infrastructure for a social innovation zone— we already have the enabling building blocks and eco-system. The time for continued collaboration and action is now.

To strengthen collaborative relationships, activities and initiatives of post-­‐secondary institutions, community, economic actors and government in support of enterprising approaches to social innovation on Vancouver Island.

Working together to develop key infrastructures for social innovation, social enterprise and social finance support.

Envisioning Vancouver Island as the place to test and grow enterprising solutions to social issues.

Transforming Vancouver Island’s economic and social reality into a regional zone of blended economic value and social equity.

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